Thursday, February 10, 2011

Born This Way

Born This Way.
Hei everyone , so today we aren't talking abour Fashion as always , but looking forward to what is going to happen tomorrow - since I'm very Excited about this! So as you read "Born This Way" and As You saw The photo, if you didn't understand , yes, I'm talking about The famous pop singer of the moment Lady Gaga - who I'm a Huge Fan [I saw her too at a LIVE]. So, Born This Way, is her single that she's gonna release tomorrow - video + song - and the 13the Febraury , She's performing at 53° GRAMMYs. Not me is the only one who's waiting this moment from like 5months or less. Lady Gaga in this photo looks like a bit at Mina - italian Singer.
Can you see her below Gaga's Photo? I'm not saying that Gaga is copying but She look like a bit for her Eyeliner. In anyway let's go ahead. What I wanna say about this song? Just Nothing. Gaga left the snippest of her song yet
5months ago, at VMAs when she won the last award for Best Video of the year. So she revealed the name of her new album [Born This Way].
We hope, little monsters , that Gaga will be famouse in anyway :')

Kisses. XX.

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