Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Don't miss me!

Hey Amazing Readers! 
No, Fashion's reader I didn't Leave you , eheh. So, Today I wanna Start wishing - in late - Happy S.Valentine's day to all the lovers ♥. And in my country today is Single's Day , for people that as me are single, All my wishes to you (: 

For people that celebrated S.Valentino, what was your outfit in this special day ? I wanna know , Babe :3

Going Ahead, I've got news! As you maybe know , 2days ago - on 13rd Febraury - in USA there were an important event : The GRAMMYs.
Unlucky I'm not from USA , so I just watched the red carpet and director's cut on the official web site till 23 [11PM] ... because of the time, it was too late and the day after I had to go to school, but I know that many of you did til 3AM [EU time].

So this post will be dedicated to the red carpet's outfit :3 to the most simple at the most accurate and particoular outift :D
So...  Let's Start!

I think that many of you heared about the most CRAZY&WEIRD Lady Gaga's outfit! She's inside an egg , very interesting. Everyone recognize her when she came on. Yellow Latex is the material which the dress are made of. The girl who wore all black is Natalie Germanotta,Lady Gaga's sister.

The next 3women are Rihanna - who looks like wearing a feather line dress all sewed in a long trasparent white dress , Nice but too Bulky in my opinion.
At the center of the picture we can see Jennifer Lopez. I love her pochette, but I don't like the dress anyway.. I just like the sparkling top but not the long sleeveless :-/ maybe without them the dress could be more better to me.
Looking at the right, to te last singer, Katy Perry looking like a little angel with latex white long skirt and SO-SPARKLING-TOP. She gots wings too!

The whole Family Smith. No, Someone is missing? It's Jaden Smith, where is he? In the photo you can see the Nice Willow Smith wearing clothes from Brown Tone to Yellow Tone. I just don't like the way she wore that clothes :-/ And I hate the shoes, But dear She's a girl and she's just Brave Enough : she's Famous. She's A singer, so we can't compare. About her mother's outfit, I love her dress and the shoes - silver , light brown and Golden wireless are okay (: Don't like so much the pochette, is too big!
About Will Smith there's nothing to say (: 

And now, let's have a look to the last Outfit for this post, I think that this was one of the worst Outfit , to me. It's Nicky Minaj. I don't like that hair and the dress neither. They aren't so nice. You can see on the skirt of that dress a cheeta face and If I don't wrong, near the neck there is like a butterfly... D: The shoes aren't so nice to, I know I know is okay be accorded with all the colors, but not like SO! the color in this outift are always the same. and this sincerly Jars! at least she can got black leggins and maybe light shoes but so.. and the color lipstick... :S no comment. Nicky , need more about fashion  (; 

Any comments? XX.

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