Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Do your Chanel's T-shirt

Hey, I'm here again. So As I promise, today I'm giving you all the step {Audrey Kitching's informations} for do your OWN CHANEL T-shirt.
Materials : White T-Shirt {Without text , just WHITE} , Chane logo [download :
Here ], a black indelible pen for color the t-shirts, Scissors , Newspaper , Tape {for painters} , a small paint brush and Black acylic paint.
Have you got any of these elements? Okayy!
So, this work is very easy, there are only 3steps! 

1st step : Print out the logo on paper, cut out the black part of the logo so you’ll be left with the negative image. Tape the paper on your white t-shirt.

2nd Step : With the indelible pen {for t-shirts}, carefully line the inside of the logo. Before doing so, insert newspaper underneath the shirt to prevent the pen and paint from bleeding to the back of your shirt!

3rd  Step : 
With your black acrylic paint, carefully paint the inside of the logo. Try not to use a lot of water as you don’t want to dilute the inkj

I give my credit to the amazing scene queen Audrey Kitching ;credits : click me! 

So IF you followed all the informations , well your t-shirt will become amazing. If you tried, please sent me a photo of your t-shirt, I wanna see ;D Pleasseeee X.

Byeee XXX.

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