Thursday, February 10, 2011

S. Valentine's Day

Saint Valenteine's Day is coming on , so I think that It's time to prepare an outfit for this event - that many of you are going to celebrate - ;D
So, I think that the color that we are gonna use will be the RED & PINK , they are love's colors.
Here I give you 2ways of outfit, to wear between 4days , so on the 14th February :3

so let's start with the first outfit.
The First one is a simple outfit , if you are more casual , use this one. I'm going to show you it by - my favourite web site for wear real things on models.
Can you see the first look? Is simple and casual. If you don't love so much wearing Skirts or dresses all the days {as me} here you are another way to wear in S.Valentine.
Items? I love so much the hand bag - by Jimmy Choo. The red frapped top is from Topshop. And looking at the pants I used Frankie B jeans. Boots? Whyred :D There are 2necklace on that neck, the first on [which has a little red heart] is a marc by marc jacob and the other one is maharani of Tirapunji [sincerly I never heared this brand and the name is so funny -^.^-]
So, Let me to have a pause. I'll get back with second outfit tomorrow, When Born This Way will get out ♥ I just cannot wait.
S.Valentinoo is waiting all the lovers ♥

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