Monday, February 7, 2011

Shoes Shoes Shoes 2

Hey everyone, Everything okay? I hope so. And I Hope that you didn't miss our date about shoes ;) didn't you? Oh great! So, today we are talking about the low height shoes. Well what I have to say? Any kind of low height shoes are like : Ballerinas , Trainers , Flats.
Let's take a pair of shoes from each kind , and let's choose what kind can be perfect for Spring (:

soo, Here you are. What I chose? Just these amazing shoes. So the first pair are ballerina from CHANEL - one of my favourite brand. Chanel do amazing ballerina to me, and this pair reflect exalty what I mean for SPRING. Going over and looking for trainers - I wear trainers like 300 days to 360 a year - so they are my favourite pair of shoes, since i'm little and I can't wear Stilettos )':
What I think about these shoes - Converse One Star - ? They are just amazing , I had 3 pair of converse and they were always comfortable [because the shoes must be] and they look like perfectly in each outfit - so I think that are one of the best shoes of the world :P
The last pair of shoes are flats - romanic flats. I had 2pair of these shoes {similliar not the same as these} They are very nice and comfortable :) If you have to choose flats - choose this kind (: Anyway the flats, it's obvious that You are going to use and buy them when summer will come and not in spring, at least you aren't so hot or the place where you live is SOO hot ;D

See you next post X.

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