Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shoes Shoes Shoes

Hey guys, these are my first posts, maybe they aren't gonna be so amazing ;P I'm just at the first step of this little blog. So , I wanna talk you about Shoes. To me , Shoes are one of the most important part of the outfit. By the way , They can be SO HIGH, They can be SO LOW, They can be as you want , since are YOU , who choose.
So, I think that we are near one of my favourite season : Spring.
Let's have a look to the High,Low, Medium Heights of shoes :

now we are just starting with High height. {I'll write something about the other height tomorrow}

So, the first Pair is an opera of an italian designer {yay} Gianmarco Lorenzi, I chose these shoes because they look like something springly :) They are Free , They are Blackie Bold - thanking the silver part of this shoe.
I just love it :}

Then, The second pair is an amazing opera of one of my favourite fashion designer : Christian Louboutin. These pair is absoluty SPRING! Just have a look to the light color [white] and to the twisted black flowers maybe did with Lace. Just fell in love with it (: 


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