Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hi Amazing readers! I'm so sorry for have left you for some days but I got busy :S In anyway the last sunday I've done 5sketches during the day - I was selling with my family some thing at a little market where all the people begin Commerciant for a day (: I saw many clothes and I totally fell in love with a modern white Blazer ♥ Unluckyly It wasn't sold but It was too big for me ): and I think expensive too. + I tried my first pair of high boots (: My dad was selling them , in fact we sold 3pair! But now, here you are my sketches! 

Yes! I did these and that's my hand ^^ as you can see I wrote Greta in each dress , even you are going to say that this is yours {seldom}. Baby I own these sh!ts so.. CREDIT (: 
I love the first and the last one :D My brother called the last sketch : SPINOSAURO = thornssauro ahaha just because of the thorns on the arms :D Anyway , 
which is your favourite? I WANNA KNOW! Leave a comment (: 



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