Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hey Guys! What are you doing? Hope to don't being bored to you, because I have some outfit to let you see! They are just random and usual outift.

IT's Easy, Simple and fashionable. It mirrors so much The vintage's Style , since I'm a great Fan of :D I'm not saying that Vintage style are only Long skirts or long dresses which are the worst fashion clothes to me.
So , Babe This is what I think, and then it's obvious that everyone of you is thinking something different.
If I could be more older than now, I'm sure that I'm wearing at least a bit like so, But anyway I'm changing shoes and jeans too. 
But now Let's have a look at the items that I used for do this outfit.

HandBag by Herm├Ęs , I just love this kind of bags, They are big, large and fashionable , totally felt in love with it! Jeans Frankie B, I don't like them so much , I chose them just because they are skinny but I prefer them more long than this. Weges by Don Donna , T-shirt By DKNY I love the t-shirt and I love the print on it. Cardigan Turn Over and belt by Opika. I like putting belt over cardigan so they can stay closet and to me is more better than open. 
What do you think about it?

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