Monday, February 7, 2011

T-Shirts !

Marc Jabos T-shirt

Karl Who? - Chanel T-shirt
New post , second in a day. So we finished to talk about Shoes and let's go ahead , and have a look to one of the most important part of an Outift : T-shirts!
I Love t-shirts. They haven't to  be from a fashion designer to become A-m-a-z-i-n-g-! You can wear 'em in each outift they are always okay with everything , but you must care about colors, babe!
So what about the t-shirts ? What are your favourite t-shirts? Now , we're seeing some of the most daily and awesome t-shirts.

So let's discover some of my favourite t-shirts from famous Brand :

Can you see the T-shirt on the right? Is a Marc Jacobs' T-shirt. Is very pretty and simple. ON this T-shirt , there is a nice and young girl with Heart-pink-glasses , a skirt , a shirt and a pair of suspenders. She looks like a very young tourist. This t-shirts is called : Marc by Marc Jacobs Easy Tiger Ivy.  If you are gonna buy it, the price is 98$ - a bit expensive if you think that in € it costs like 100 or something.

Let's go ahead to see my Favouriteee T-shirts :

Karl Lagerfeld , who design for CHANEL, is actually at the first place of my Favourite designers TOP 10 ;D Oh yeah. I just love this t-shirt . Is Very SIPLE but at the same fashionable to me. Is perfect to wear simply with Jeans , skinny jeans.
And maybe with a leather black and short Jacket too. Wear with it with stilettos and your hands must wear some bangles, gold bangles .

NOW NOW ;D What i'm going to do? Did you see the little CHANEL t-shirt that I put Above , over all the text? Well , guess what , You can do it by yourself, spending NO money. How? eh,eh I'm writing a post then with all the info {Thank you to Buzznet - Audrey Kitching's informations}.
And I'm gonna try it on real life too. So, When I'm doing it i'm taking photos to let you see how it become.
I hope that Audrey's informations are good. See you next post.
Bye X.

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