Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan EarthQuake

Today guys I want you to reflect and think to the horrible Natural disaster which happened in Japan yesterday 11.3.2011. The earthquake of 8.9 magnitude attacked the north-east cost of Japan and then resulted tsunami. In this , many people missed their homes and many died. It's a very bad thing , like a nightmare come true. The earthquake was in the sea at 130 km frm the coast.  So a seaquake resulted tsunami ): For Japan it was the hardest earthquake in the last 140 years! If you can remember at Aquila's earthquake , in Italy , well this one was 30 onces more violent than that! So Imagine yourself. Luckily nobody died in the earthquake , in that there was just a Big Scare but the most part of the people who died was do by the Tsunami. Now there are many burning and accidents because of the explosion of Nuclear power-plants have exploded, but so far, there's been no serious damage from radiation.  
I saw all of this after school and when my dad told me it I was like so : °-° 
and then, on Tv, watching at the video clip of the earthquake I've been very speechless and my parents been too.

Tweet On Twitter : #PrayForJapan for give your part on twitter too.
Lady Gaga Did her part too. She designed a bracelet/ donation (from 5$) For Japan. You can buy here at the link : GAGA BRACELET

what do you think about what happened in Japan? 

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  1. Bello quello che fa Lady Gaga davvero ammirabile...comunque fa senzo vedere uanc osa così epensare che se fosse successo da noi non ci sarebbe più niente :/


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