Saturday, April 16, 2011

Color Blocking 3# : Jeans

Color Blocking N. 3 : Jeans. So Guys we are just at the 3rd stuff on 4 of my favourite stuffs hit by color blocking. Jeans. Zara is getting famous about color blocking and I think it will be the first shop that I'll check If I'm gonna buy color blocking stuffs. These Jeans are just €29,95 each one, quite cheap! My favourite are the pink and the orange ones! But also the other two , red and blue , are awesome! What I like with wearing orange jeans? Pink Bag & Blue shoes!

What's your favourite color of jeans? Are you gonna buy Color blocking Jeans?

Color Blocking N.3 : Jeans. Allora, siamo arrivati solo al 3° di 4 dei miei vestiti/oggetti preferiti colpiti dalla mania del color blocking :) Jeans. Zara sta diventando ormai famosa per tutti i vestiti color blocking che possiede e penso che sarà il primo shop che avrò in mente di consultare in caso comprassi qualche color blocking stuff. Questi pantaloni costano €29.95 ,  economici possiamo dire. I miei preferiti sono quelli rosa e arancio! Però non mi dispiacciono neanche quelli blue scuro e rosso fuoco! Mi piacciono particolarmente quelli arancio perchè sono facilmente abbinabili con scarpe bluette e una borsetta rosa! 

Che ne pensate di questi jeans? Comprerete dei Color Blocking Jeans? 



  1. Ohmygod, I was over at Zara's a week ago and saw all the bright colours, and was like; WOW.

    First, I wasn't toally impressed, but when I am seeing all these trends based on these colorful jeans I am getting quite into them.

    Yeah, I am at Zara's to buy a pair of jeans in pink asap ;)

  2. oo love jeans ZARA blue! son hermosos!<3

    nice post, coment back?

  3. Very cool looks, love the blue one's :D (have to have ones!)

    kisses xoxo

  4. i love those sugar candy colours.... perfect for summer!!

  5. Have already some colourblocked Jeans at my Home and wearing really often, Love them and the price is also really cheap :)

  6. Io già ne ho 3 paia e penso di comprarne 1/2 ancora :)
    Adoro la collezione di quest'anno di Zara

    In Moda Veritas

  7. I like the red and the blue one, who knows, maybe I'm gonna buy me one


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