Sunday, April 17, 2011

Color Blocking 4# : Shoes

So, yes here we are yet at the last post of Color Blocking. Shoes. Shoes are the most important part of the outfit. You know, Shoes drive the whole outfit. So be careful with the clothes after you chose them. About Color Blocking , the kind of shoes perfect for colors are pumps! Do you see? Pumps are of any color do you want. I like very much the red and the orange one. But you should try the blue ones too. About sandals, an interesting piece of color blocking sandals are the one of VERSACE, very High. 
Do you like colorful pumps? Do you own any colored pump?

Così, siamo all'ultimo post di Color Blocking. Scarpe. Le scarpe sono la parte più importante di un abbigliamento. Come sapete, le scarpe (secondo me) guidano il tutto. Perciò bisogna stare attenti che i vestiti vadano d'accordo con le scarpe. Sul Color Blocking, i tipi di scarpe che preferisco per questi colori sono le Pumps (tacchi decoltè). Mi piacciono molto le rosse e le arancioni ma il top per me sono quelle blu. Passando ai sandali alti, un interessante pezzo di color blocking sono i sandali VERSACE, molto alti.
Che ne pensate? Avete dei tacchi colorati? :)

Have a happy sunday, buona domenica a tutti!


  1. They are so gorgeous and make me think of sweets! :) I don't have any bright coloured shoes yet, but would love love love love love to have bright purple or green babies - I am currenly searching for a perfect pair. x

  2. Wow love these shoes!!

    kisses xoxo

  3. @Little Rus; They totally remind me of sweets as well! ;o So cute!!!

  4. love these shoes !!!

  5. A me piacciono moltissimo quelle rosse!♥♥♥


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