Sunday, April 3, 2011

Outfit from my closet

Today I decided to try an outfit from stuffs from my closet. I used the blazer and the flats , bought some days ago :D The outfit which came out is a kind elegant. I used to delete my face because It didn't come out well :S
This outfit is like a B&W version of an elegant style.
I'm not usual to wear Flats, but this Spring I'm gonna wear them for a bit. + I will buy Studded Converse All Star! Can't wait (:
Details of my bracelet below here.

What do you think about this outfit?

Oggi , ho deciso di provare un outfit dai vestiti del mio armadio. Ho usato il blazer e le ballerine , comprate giorni fa :D L'outfit realizzato in conclusione è un tipo elegante. Ho deciso di non mettere la mia faccia perchè davvero, vengo malissimo :S
questo outfit è in stile biano & nero.
Io non porto spesso le ballerine, ma credo che saranno un must di questa primavera + presto comprerò le All star borchiate, non vedo l'ora (:
Dettagli dell'outfit qui sotto.

Che ne pensate? 

I was wearing : 

H&M black short blazer

DIY Chanel T-shirt
Chanel bracelet
"Love" chain Tail Wejl
DATCH jeans
Deichmann flats


  1. heii troppo belliiii sia lo smalto e sia il braccialettooooo basta io adoro questo blog <3

  2. I like the jeans and blazer, but be careful if you put them all together that they would have that CHIC elegance, not that kind of everyday-office-look elegance :)

  3. wow i love your chanel bracelet!! where did you get it :))))) <3 XOXO

  4. @amanda : I just bought it in a little market, and I can't confirm you if it's original, since it's an old piece (;

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  7. love your post!
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