Wednesday, April 20, 2011

viva 70's!                                                          2. ,                       3. ,
Recently, wide-legged 70s jeans are coming back after about 40years! They are yet a must, as you see from the picture , I chose some outfits using these pants! When are you using them , just a rules you must respect : wear heels. Yes, I just think that without heels , these pants are nothing! Also wear them with Shirt is perfect, whatever color is it! I just like them but I'm not gonna buy one.
Do you like 70's pants ? Thoughts? :)

Recentemente, i pantaloni anni 70 a zampa di elefante stanno tornando di moda dopo circa 40 anni! Ora sono diventati dei must, e come vedere dalla foto, ho scelto alcuni degli outfit che mi sono piaciuti di più che hanno utilizzato questi pantaloni! Credo ci sia una regola nel come abbinarli : indossare tacchi. Si, credo che senza non sarebbero niente!
In più abbinarli a una camicia è perfetto, qualunque colore essa sia! 
Vi piacciono i pantaloni anni 70? Pensieri? :)


  1. Funny I wore these pants in the 90s with a tie dye vest lol. Great post! I Love the outfits & its nice inspiration, but I agree must wear heels!


  2. I love 70's influences! The flare pants and flowy tops, and great boho hair :D

    kisses xoxo

  3. I love flares, but they don't suit me, so I just admire them from afar. :) xxx

  4. I love like old trends that us young teenagers never go to experience, coming back!
    It allows you to feel how fast Fashion is moving and you feel comfortable with it, because you tried out all the styles of the past & future!

    Yeah, the heels are like an accent to the trousers, especially wooden heels with high heels! :D


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