Sunday, May 15, 2011

Suri Cruise : Heels?

Suri Cruise, the baby who wear heels. So, for first I wanna explain you that I love this baby, she's so cute and fashion! But I think that many of you have seen that she wear heels even she is just 5! Yes, she is 5 years old! Don't you think that is too young for wear them? Here is my opinion : Yes, heels are awesome and I would wear them too even I am 12 but I can't + at 5 I think that it will never give to your Back a good way to live. I love how she wear , of course , but I think that heels for her age are too much, she's not a doll to wear and no more. That's just my opinion (: So..

Let me hear your opinion about Suri's Heels!

Suri Cruise, o meglio la bambina che indossa i tacchi. Allora, per prima io adoro questa bambina perchè è semplicemente carinissima e allo stesso momento ha un senso della moda davvero grande. Ma penso che voi tutti abbiate visto che indossa tacchi ebbene si lei ha solo 5 anni! Eh Già. Non pensate sia un po' troppo piccola? La mia opinione : si, i tacchi sono fantastici e pure io a 12 li vorrei portare ma non posso , + a 5 anni penso che possano portare pure problemi alla schiena nella crescita se li indossa troppo spesso (questa è giusto una mia opinione). A ognimodo, adoro il modo in cui si veste , ma penso che sia troppo presto portare i tacchi alla sua età, non è solo una bambolina. Questa è la mia opinione (: perciò...

 Fatemi sapere la vostra opinione su 'i tacchi di Suri!

*ps. friday the 13rd I got 7 comments deleted! D: they were all awesome comments in the post of chanel! D: I'm so sad to have seen them deteled )': But I will never forget all the sweetie things you said to me! I love you guys! *


  1. Agree with you on this... It's a bit too early to wear heels and, frankly, it looks a tiny bit creepy to me... She doesn't look like a kid, but rather a dwarf adult, especially on the second pic...

  2. Yes, many people , as I read in some blogs, said that she can be looked as an adult who suffer of dwarfism ): I think that is her mom choose to let her wear heels D:

  3. Good post (:

    I totally agree that girls of that age are wayyy to young to wear heels, because I mean; They are still children, they will still have a chance to mature and wear heels when they are older... I am just thinking that they shouldn't rush their age or life.


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