Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amy Winehouse

And It's so sad to see an awesome singer dying at just 27 years old. This is what happened to Amy Winehouse the last 23th July. Unluckyly I post this a bit late, I want to give a tribute to this singer, which was one made 2 of my favourite songs : Back to Black and Rehab. (You must listen to, you won't regret it!)
So now, I leave you with a post full of her photos taken from various photoshoots! (: 

Enjoy, and let me know which photo is your favourite , and how was your reaction about her death. 

Ed è così triste vedere una brava cantante morire alla giovane età di 27 anni. Questo è quello che è appunto successo ad Amy Winehouse lo scorso 23 luglio. 

Perdonate se posto solo ora qualcosa su di lei, ma un tributo era necessario. Le mie canzoni preferite scritte da lei sono : Back to Black e Rehab ( Dovete sentirle, non ve ne pentirete!)
Perciò ora vi lascio con un post pieno di immagini prese da vari photoshoots! (:

E fatemi sapere qual è la vostra preferita e come è stata la vostra reazione riguardo la sua morte.

Amy Winehouse photo 4

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  1. I was totally shocked when my sister told me about her death. o:
    I couldn't believe it because I thought she was off drugs and that she re-covered + all was well... But I guess I was wrong when I heard the news that this really talented singer left our world. Sad about it to be honest.


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