Thursday, August 11, 2011

S. Lorenzo

Yesterday in Cervia was an important night, San Lorenzo (Saint Lorence) and there was a lot of fun in the beach! Music and fun were the most important things to do! Here's some photos of the firework I saw in the beach! Awesome! (: I took this photos with my uncle's reflex (: Enjoy. Under here, also the outfit that I wore and other fireworks! 

Ieri qua a Cervia è stata una serata importante , la notte di S. Lorenzo! E c'era molta musica e divertimento nelle spiagge! Musica e divertimento erano le parole d'ordine! Qui alcune foto dei fuochi d'artificio, del mio outfit e altri fuochi (: 

this dress is my grandma's gift! (:I love it! 
Do you like it?

Questo è un vestito, regalato da mia nonna! Lo adoro ! (:
Vi piace?


subdued white jacket
new yorker t-shirt
H&M white pants

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  1. bellissimo gre,complimenti (:


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